International House of Prayer - London

Prayer Room

IHOP London is a ministry that is called to stand in worship before The Lord and in intercessory prayer for London, the United Kingdom, Europe and the world. IHOP London also has a mandate to pray for Israel and the Jewish people, for the salvation of the Islamic community among the nations and specially in London, for the manifestation of the kingdom of God through acts of justice and for the speed return of Jesus.

We started in 2007 and today we sustain several prayer meetings in the Harp and Bow model every week. See the schedule here.


Prayer Room Formats

Intercession - This prayer format is designed to use the prayers of the New Testament apostles to engage in unified intercession for citywide revival. This is an “open mic,” corporate time of prayer. Although most intercession meetings will focus on the church in London, anyone can pray for the church in any city on earth, unless the meeting is specially designated for another topic.

Worship with the Word - This prayer format is designed to function as a discipleship program that provides mentoring and training in the Word of God. It is sometimes referred to as a "singing seminary". The focus is on developing revelation from large portions of Scripture through spontaneous prophetic singing and prayer.

Devotional worship - This prayer format focuses on creating an anointed atmosphere in the Prayer Room for individuals to commune with God in meditation and Bible study.

Prophetic worship - This is a corporate time of sustained worship with some spontaneous prophetic singing. This is designed to corporately bring us into the presence of the Lord. It also allows for discerning specific ministry that God is highlighting (healing, deliverance, impartation etc.).