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Israel Mandate

Israel Mandate: The place of Israel in God's plan


The seminar will be taught by JED ROBYN. Jed and his wife Nicole have been on staff at several Houses of Prayer in America, and are currently in Kansas City as part of IHOP. Jed led the summer internship at Succat Hallel House of Prayer in Jerusalem and then lived in the UK from 2008 till summer 2011, where he planted the North Devon House of Prayer in Barnstaple as well as taught on prayer and Israel throughout the nation.



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downloadIsrael Mandate - Session 3
Jed Robyn

72.3 MB63:09 min
downloadIsrael Mandate - Session 2
Jed Robyn

70.9 MB61:58 min
downloadIsrael Mandate - Session 1
Jed Robyn

69.1 MB60:21 min